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Welcome to STRONGTOWER Construction Management

Today's Construction from Tomorrow's Idea

The days of keeping your project in a single filing folder are gone. The ability to track, manage and forecast projects are far too great and available for that not to be exercised. The leading edge of project management and efficiency is waiting.

About Us

Integrity and Uprightness

In an ever changing and fast pace world project management, scheduling and project controls are paramount to project success. With tighter budgets, less markup, and more competition, companies must now go above and beyond the traditional pencil and paper, boots on the ground approach, and realize its not only about making money, but saving lost costs. These soft costs that are not evidently seen can potentially lessen production, waste large amounts of time, and inevitably deplete expected markups.

STRONGTOWER concentrates heavily on allowing small to mid sized companies advance their development by offering project management, scheduling and project controls on an as needed basis. Knowing time is money, and time is tight, STRONGTOWER is able to fit in fluidly and provide the most specific project needs or total project packages. These packages can be further honed in on what the customer is really in need of whether relating to estimating, scheduling, cost analysis, claims or anything in between.

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STRONG - h5797. עֹז ‘ôz; or (fully) עוֹז strength in various applications (force, security, majesty, praise): — boldness, loud, might, power, strength, strong.

TOWER - h4026. מִגְדָּל mig̱ḏâl; tower, elevated stage, pulpit

Professional Services

What We Provide


Project Management

Understanding your project is of utmost priority for successful job completion. STRONGTOWER provides the essential tools for project management throughout the project life cycle including: Change Tracking, RFI's, Cost Analysis, Templates, Subtrade Management, Formal Written Letters, etc.



Scheduling Projects to meet contract specifications cannot be avoided. STRONGTOWER can develop schedules from the ground up, or assist in schedule updates using both Primavera P6 or Microsoft Project platforms.


Document Control

STRONGTOWER strives for efficiency, order and perseveres to showcase that in the electronic document controls associated with projects. Whether that be setting up a job folder, organizing subcontracts, submissions to the client, formal written letters or the like, STRONGTOWER is here to help.


Drone Footage

Technological advancements such as drone footage allow for greater project tracking and control. STRONGTOWER provides drone footage and can analyze the site for specific information needed whether that be progress, security, layout, quantities or the like.

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Working Together

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Strongtower General Contractor
STRONGTOWER Farm Management


Contractors whose Scope of Work includes but not limited to: Hydro, Water, Storm, Gas, Telecomm/Street Lighting, Traffic Signals

General Contractor

Small to Medium Sized General Contractors aiding in Project Management and efficiency. Daily Reporting techniques, templates, quoting, etc.


Client or Contractor Management helping efficiently complete farm projects in Southwestern Ontario


Municipalities, Farms, Contractors, Businesses all relating to drone footage, survey, pictures, material storage, etc.

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Integrity is doing the right thing. Even when no one is watching.

C. S. Lewis

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